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S2E16: Executing Revolutionary Transformation

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S2E16: Executing Revolutionary Transformation
February 15, 2022

S2E16: Executing Revolutionary Transformation

This episode features Joel Neeb, VP of Execution & Transformation at the Office of the CEO at VMWare.

Joel Neeb

Joel Neeb

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Episode Transcript

Episode Summary:

Joel Neeb is the VP of Execution and Transformation at the office of the CEO at VMWare. We caught up with Joel recently and talked about what the financial industry can learn from tech companies and more specifically about revolutionary transformation. Why you should sell business outcomes rather than the product that gets you there, and how in just a few years time, the most successful organizations will be the ones whose teams are aligned culturally and operationally around customer success.


3 Takeaways:

  • The hardest (and most important thing) your company can do is invest in cultural and operational transformation.
  • Don’t sell your technology, sell business outcomes empowered by the right technology.
  • The most successful companies we read about in five years will be the ones that best communicate a common vision, have the strategy to pursue that vision, and whose teams are aligned behind the scenes.

Key Quotes:

  • “Evolutionary change is iterative. It's making things a little bit better within the current paradigm. This is revolutionary change. We need to have constructive disruption.” - Joel
  • “I don't believe whatsoever in innate talent, I believe a hundred percent in our ability to invest in ourselves, invest in our teams, and develop what we need to be successful.” - Joel
  • “It's less about building better technology and this endless rat race against finding a new feature or something that's going to improve the technology or the product. And it's more about how does everything integrate and come together? How do I work cross-functionally across my organization, across the ecosystem to deliver outcomes?” - Joel



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Matthew O'Neill is a husband, dad, geek and Industry Managing Director, Advanced Technology Group in the Office of the CTO at VMware.

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Brian Hayes is an audiophile, dad, builder of sheds, maker of mirth, world traveller and EMEA Financial Services Industry Lead at VMware.

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